Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where did the summer go!!!!

This was the hottest summer yet! I think that's why it passed so fast. I didn't do anything interesting at all. It rained a lot and when it wasn't raining it was entirely too hot to go out, so I stayed locked up inside like a hermit. I guess it's time to get back on track with my blogging. The thing is, I love to blog...I'm just really bad at it.

How's the "Vegan thing" going?

I'm still going strong! I have had a few meltdowns over the last couple months but I plan on being a little harder on myself. I'm not even close to feeling as bad as I did before I changed my eating habits, but I noticed a few changes in my body since I've been less strict. The inflammation in my back and stomach is back in the mornings. (This might mean I need to simply drink more water since I believe this is a kidney problem.) I'm having some pain in my abdomen again. It's not horrible, just a slight uncomfortable feeling. I'm eating Gluten again. I think I will keep eating gluten while changing a few other things just to rule out what's causing the pain. I've been very lenient on the processed sugars. This might be the culpret. I truely don't know. Looks like I need to start a food journal again. I love having this blog to look back on. I think it will help me help others in the future.

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