Monday, March 17, 2014

Gimmie Some "Moa" of These Please!

I've been thinking about these recently...especially since those little devil cookies seem to be at every entrance to every store I go into! So here is my version of the Samoa Girl Scout Cookie!


 (I only made a few so I'm not sure exact measurements.)

For the Cookie

- Almond Butter (I made my own by processing raw almonds)
- Medjool Dates
- Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

Mix...(should be a consistency that you can press down and shape.)

Press and cut into donut shapes. Place into freezer and move onto the chocolate.

For the Chocolate  (I used what I had in my pantry but if you have an amazing chocolate recipe, feel free to use that.)

- Raw Cacao Powder
- Raw Agave
- Cold Pressed Coconut oil (Not Much)

Stir in a tiny bowl until smooth.

Remove cookies from freezer. Spread chocolate on bottom of cookies with a knife. (Couldn't dip them because the chocolate would have needed to be warmed.)Place them back in the freezer upside-down until chocolate is hard. Use leftover chocolate to decorate the top. ENJOY!

The weather has been AMAZING lately!
We've been enjoying it by...
Bike riding

Hanging out on the beach

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