Thursday, December 2, 2010

Going back to my normal Vegan diet

I've decided to end my 30 days of Raw on day 20. Believe me, I really wanted to finish all thirty days but after considering all morning here is why I've chosen to stop early.

#1 As I've said, I'm in LOVE with December and all things Christmas. It is literally driving me CRAZY that I'm not able to bake any new vegan Christmas recipes. I started eating vegan sometime January last year and missed out on all the Holiday Cookies and yummy goodies :'(

#2 My mother is trying to get back to a healthy eating lifestyle. You may be asking yourself..."Why in the world is that a reason?" Well, I see my mom everyday. I have even been cooking at her house since my kitchen has been out of order. (I won't go into details but my oven is no good and I have issues with the "oldness" of my kitchen. Weird, I know!) I also "coach" her all the time on health and nutrition. Every time I learn some new recipe or information, I tell her and make her try it. She is having a lot of trouble following the Raw Food Diet and needs something with less work. I feel like it will benefit her at this point if I eat a normal vegan diet that will get her back on track.

And #3 My entire family and church does an annual fast after the new year. Each person chooses their own fast and time period, but everyone in my life is fasting to some degree in January. So, I already know that I will be back to Raw soon enough during the fast.

I'm excited about posting all about "My First Vegan Christmas Season"!

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