Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We have a Tree!

Our Baby Tree is Home! It's about time! I'm slacking like nobody's business this year when it comes to Christmas. I say "Baby Tree" because she's just a little tyke. We let Kya pick her out and I think she picked the best tree ever. (Notice I keep referring to the tree as a person?...I don't have a reason for this.)

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree...Your Needles make a Delicious Tea!

Sounds catchy but I didn't really make pine needle tea ...(Only because I don't know what's been sprayed on her.) So, I made hot cocoa instead!
Chocolate Deliciousness!
Almond Milk, Cocao (Raw), & Agave

We bought this ornament in Guatemala before we brought Kya home. The Rosary was a gift from a little girl in Mexico while we were on a mission trip there.

P.S. This is the closest to a "Charlie Brown Tree" we've ever had. We even hand made the "garland" from old wrapping paper. I love it!

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