Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cha-CHOWDER! & Running 5K

So, there were these sweet potatoes and a bag of corn hanging around in the kitchen.

They were overstaying their welcome & it was getting a little awkward so...

I threw'em in a pot and called it dinner! Now I know why they call it C-H-O-W der!

"Sweet Potato & Corn Chowder"

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 lb sweet potatoes cut into small pieces
1 bag frozen, organic corn (it doesn't really matter how big of a bag)
1 package Vegan cream "cheese"
1 sweet onion (cut in large slices)
2 cloves minced garlic
8 cups water
2 cups almond milk
3 tbsp flour (I used all purpose, G-free)
Shredded Vegan Cheese

Heat olive oil in large pot. Add onion and garlic & cook till tender (about 8 min). Add cream "cheese" & stir till melted. Add water, potatoes, and corn. Bring to boil. Turn heat to low and simmer about 20 min. (To a separate bowl, stir almond milk & flour together till dissolved & add to soup. Serve topped with shredded "cheese".

I ate like 3 bowls.

But that's okay because...

I RAN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! Ima runner now(again)!

Okay, so kinda...I'm planning to run in this 5K in Baton Rouge next month. I don't know if I'll be ready by then, and it's probably not a goodt idea, but I'm gonna run in it anyway! They do have emergency vehicles...right?

Look out Baton Rouge(ers)...If you see this person...

She's known to fall down stairs and trip over her own feet. (Notice the confused expression on her face.)

This picture was taken after my run today.

I would like to say the greasy hair is from all the crazy sweating I did.

It's not. Philip(hubby) likes scalding HOT who had no hot water to rinse out her hair. Yep, my hair was full of soap & dried that way. Gross, I know! (Could have just let you think it was sweat.)

My plans for tomorrow...Miso, Yoga, more Running!

Question(s) of the day...What do you do for exercise? Are you a runner? Are you a member of a gym or do you exercise at home?

I love the yoga, Thai chi, & zumba classes at my gym. I get distracted very easily when I work out at home and usually find myself cleaning or baking instead of finishing my workout.


  1. Go, runner! Good luck training for your 5k!

    I LOVE yoga, just started taking classes again which is a good thing because I, too, have trouble staying focused at home.

    That soup looks amazing! I've never tried adding cream cheese to a soup, but I bet it tastes really rich and delicious!

  2. Thanks Sara! The soup was AMAZING!

  3. i LOVE running.. but i dont do crazy long distances! i like to switch it up with interval training.. and i love yoga!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

    I do not run, it just wasn't meant for me. Whenever I run I end up with plantar warts and sore calves. I know...gross. I use the elliptical, do yoga, and pilates, and use my weights and resistance bands.

  5. Love your blog! That soups sounds so different and yummy-i love making new soups!
    I am a runner:) I go to the gym, I try once in a while to do workouts at home and I end up doing 20 min and then sitting on the couch!

  6. Thanks! I know what you mean about sitting on the couch. Lol!

  7. Hey Julia,

    It's Steph, Jenn's sister. She sent me to your blog because I'm trying to work on eating better. My chiropractor suggest that I try a gluten-free diet for two weeks because she's found that some of her patients who do have a decrease in headaches, something that I suffer with at least twice a week. I'm not sure if I can go completely gluten-free, as I looked up info. and feel compeltely overwhelmed. I really do NOT like most veggies, so it's gonna be hard. Your soup recipe sounds good. Where did you get the gluten-free flour and vegan cream "cheese" from? Any advice on how to sneak in veggies without them tasting just like themselves ;) ?

  8. Hey Steph! I usually shop at whole foods but some o the local grocery stores are selling g-free stuff. I'm going outta town but when I get back I'm gonna write a whole post with ideas for going g-free. Can't wait!