Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Farmer's Market Adventure" & I'm Back!

It's been 3 1/2 years yall! I'm in the process of updating all my pages but for now I will just jump back into things! So much has happened! I will give you a quick rundown...

1.) I am in the process of changing things up a bit on The Veggie Side! If you were around when I first started this blog, I wanted it to to be a personal journal of my life and memories that I could revisit & share.  At that time I was having some medical issues, doing serious research on food related illness & in school for natural medicine/nutrition.  I began trying different restrictive diets, which led to my becoming Vegan. People began to as me so many questions that I started to give them my blog name and tell them they could read everything there.  So, what began as a personal blog for myself, turned into a food blog. I changed the name from "Life Everyday" to "The Veggie Side".

That being said... now that I am no longer sick or feeling bad, this won't be just a foodie will go back to being a life journal for me and my family (with a lot of food posts too!) (So I guess I will kinda still be a food blog...)

2.) We moved & are in the early process of building a new home. We live with family which is great and all but I WANT MY OWN KITCHEN!!! I am going to start on our garden soon and will be posting each step along the way.

3.) I am currently on a Fully Raw, Low Fat Vegan Diet.  No particular reason other than it seems to be the most extreme, healthiest, most healing diet out there & I was curious.  I tried a raw diet years ago but it wasn't low fat and I definitely didn't eat enough calories.   
              My sister joined me on this new diet adventure and is doing better than I am at the moment! I will post pics of our amazing farmer's market adventure today!
4.) We have a SON!  We adopted our newest little angel in November! He came to us through the foster system & is such a huge blessing in our lives.


Let's move on to my "Farmer's Market Adventure"!
              It's Me! Enjoying the rain!
  Fresh Watermelon Juice...We couldn't resist!
 My sister!
              Good Food! We found this Raw food vender & Man were we impressed! This wrap tasted just like a burrito! Guess who will be going back for more.
Raw Cauliflower Coleslaw...Yum! 


That's all for today! I'm so excited to be back again!
Have You ever tried a Low fat Raw Vegan diet?
Do you have a Farmer's Market in Your area?

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