Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"A Bunch of Nothing"

Have you ever had "a bunch of nothing" to work with in your kitchen? I haven't had a chance to go to the market, so there's been some major "throwing together" going on here. My garden is even on the sparse side because of the frost this week. All this just makes me want my new kitchen all the more. Did I mention we're getting ready to build a new home? I can't wait to have a real kitchen that works!!! And a walk in pantry...I can't even imagine it! We just finished our plans with the architect. He and my hubby laughed and said all I care about is that kitchen. So true...(I'm sure I'll post more about my kitchen-in-progress later.) Here's what I whipped together today.

For breakfast I had some fruit, then I basically put a salad between two slices of wheat bread for lunch. I threw together Asian pasta w/veggies for dinner and just finished making some sweets for fun!

Asian stir fry...Buckwheat noodles, one bag of frozen veggies, spoon of miso mayo and tamari to taste. This is one of my favorite and easiest recipes. If you wait before stirring the noodles will have a crispy texture.
I had some coconut butter (which I bought accidentally) left from making Raw desert for Thanksgiving. It turned out to be useful today...I made Candies!
I couldn't find any molds, then I realized that our Advent calendar (which my little girl tore apart and stole all the chocolate out of :o) was made of tiny candy molds! So I made candy and recycled! (How "Green" of me!) I heated the Butter and smushed it into the molds. Then, I made another batch with cacao and agave added to it, and froze them all. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was deliciously surprised. The chocolate ones were the best (who would have guessed). I think I'll add agave to the regular ones next time.
Coconut Butter Christmas Candies
Cookies! I couldn't make my mind up so I made three different kinds. I'm actually not sure how I made these bc I just used whatever I found. I used 1/2 cup rice flower and 1/2 cup almond flour, agave nectar, almond milk, & vanilla extract for the dough. (I would have added some Earth Balance Butter but I didn't have any.) I divided the dough into three batches and added almond butter to one, chocolate chips to the other, and cacao and chocolate chips to the last. So here are my "Bunch of Nothing" cookies...
Almond butter, Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate-chocolate Chip.

Still using my phone to take pictures so don't hate. ;o)


  1. Hi fellow vegan Christian Mommy! ;) I love that you found me - because I am now loving your blog! Yay - those cookies look sooo good! I have a bunch of nothing in my kitchen right now too lol. YES try the soy curls they are AMAZING! I hope to NEVER run out hahaha!
    Another 'in common' I changed my diet in Jan 2010 too! I was a vegetarian before then - eating mostly well but I would 'cheat' with egg or dairy if it was in ingredient in something that I wanted - though I never ate dairy or eggs themselves just to eat them - and I still ate fish... in jan 2010 I gave it my all and went 100% vegan. I am now contemplating trying for med-high raw also. I don't know any other vegans except my mom and NO raw vegans.. it's hard doing it alone! If you'd like to 'pen-pal' with me I'd love it!! How old is your daughter now? Sorry this is the longest comment EVER!! ;) Well nice to 'meet' you, I hope to hear from you again! (And now I want a banana split and have a bunch of nothin to work with *giggle*)

  2. And OMG, I just noticed - I went vegetarian (and then vegan) for my health too - but now it's for the animals as well. Another 'in common'! :)