Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some Random Facts and Asian Cooking!

The brownie bites from yesterday are GONE! I brought them to work and my clients ate them all! I'm so proud! In honer of my B-day (on the 30th of this month), I'll be occasionally sharing some things about myself over the next week.
If you wanna skip past my goofy personal stuff just scroll down to the food.
Today, I decided to share a few very random & strange facts about myself.

I take a lot of awkward pictures. Some (kinda like this one) are really strange.
(This was taken in a college dorm btw...not my house :-)

I'm not totally sure what was going on here.

I work in a salon but HATE to take the time to get my hair done. I just can't sit still. So sometimes I just throw some color in my hair before I leave work, wrap it in a towel & jump in the car. (Yes, I get a lot of strange looks.)

I "cramp" Philip's style. Nuff said...

Kya & I have a band!


I make Kya take awkward pictures too...

That's all for now...I feel closer to y'all already!

My Run turned into a Walk today.

Okay, so, the jogging stroller is a workout in it's own! While pushing it, I couldn't run as far or fast as normal. But on the plus side, it wore me out! I think it will help me...Kinda like when you wear weights on your ankles, you take them off & feel lighter & quicker. That's the stuff I'm hoping for!

And...There's a problem...

I CAN'T STOP EATING!!!! Oh My Gosh! Seriously, I canNOT satisfy the ravenous MONSTER in my belly! What's the deal? Can running really make you that hungry?

Here's something that filled me up. (For awhile anyway.)

"Baby Bella Asian Stir Fry"
I'll take this over take out any day!

2 tbsp olive oil (or vegan butter, or just plain water)
1 large pk baby bellas
1 small sweet onion (sliced)
1 pk mini corn (what are they called anyway?)
about 2 cups snow peas
2 cups mixed shredded cabbage and carrots (or cole slaw mix)
1 head Bok Choy (Chinese Cabbage) sliced into large pieces bc they shrink a lot when cooked
2-3 tbsp Tamari (wheat free soy sauce)
4 tbsp coconut sugar
1 tsp ground ginger

Heat olive oil in skillet. Add bellas, onion, & corn. Cook down for 10 mins. Add snow peas, tamari, sugar & ginger, cook for 5 min more. Add cabbages. Cook till all veggies are tender. The cabbage cooks fast so make sure the other veggies are tender to your liking before you add it.
Enjoy with a side of buckwheat soba noodles mixed with miso mayo.

Do you have a Strange Fact about yourself? You already know mine.
What about my "Monster"? Can this sudden change in appetite just be from running?
Anyone else eat a lot when they exercise?

I'm gonna start making more Pages for the top of my blog. I'm thinking of doing a page about getting "started". As in...if someone is trying to eat healthy but has no idea where to start (like I once did) I'll have a page all about the basics of Vegan cooking, and what to start out with in your kitchen...stuff like that. Good idea? Bad one? I'd like the input.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the pics! And that stir-fry looks amazing!

  2. Yep, running can increase your appetite. Try to eat some hard core protein after you run and it will help you recover faster.

    Strange facts about myself? I have TONS... but the ones my family gives me the hardest time about are 1)I must have the volume set at a multiple of 5 or I go nuts. If the display is hidden from my view, I must MUST make it so I can see it, just to check. 2)I randomly speak in different accents, once for two weeks straight because that's how I hear it in my head.

  3. Lolol! Thanks! I'll try the protein. & I've always wanted to have an accent.

  4. Uh yea, I don't know if its physical or mental. I do eat more when I exercise. Mentally I think I am entitled to, but maybe physically my body needs it?!