Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Making it simple!

Hi everyone!

I've had quite a few requests for more posts on quick & easy meals. They are coming from new Vegans, people who are just trying to live a healthier life, and some who work full time and have literally NO time to prepare a meal from scratch.

It's good to keep things simple. Even though I love to cook & come up with new recipes, it's not like I want to spend ALL my time in the kitchen. One of my favorite things to do is what I call "Healthify" traditional foods. Like lasagna, pizza, burgers, you get the picture.
(Portabella Burger recipe Here)

These requests came at the perfect time. I've been under the weather and unable to spend a lot of time preparing a meal. So here are a couple quick fixes from my kitchen.

For Breakfast...There were oats.

First cook your oats. I add water till it's the right consistency for me. Then I put them in the microwave for about 1 min. (I don't like using the microwave that often, but sometimes "you gotta do whatcha gotta do".) To the cooked oats, I added one smashed banana (I took a bite or two before I smashed), a handful of dried cranberries, some almond butter & granola. Stir it all up & enjoy!

These oats were really good. The smashed banana made the whole thing very sweet.
"Veggie Rice Paper Wrap"

I just cut op whatever veggies were in the fridge, cooked them down in a little coconut oil (you can use olive oil or water if you don't have coconut oil), & added a pinch of sea salt. I added some Miso Mayo to the mix. (You can add your favorite dressing too.) Wrap it up in rice paper or your favorite whole wheat wrap and that's it!

I'm excited to share... my first FAQ!

"What is Miso"
To put it simply...Miso is fermented soybean paste. (Doesn't sound very appetizing...I know.) The Japanese use it in soup..."Miso Soup". It's known for it's health benefits. One study I've read about showed that women who drank Miso Soup on a daily basis reduced their risk of breast cancer by 40%. You can buy the paste in a little container. It comes in White, Yellow, ans Red. The White Miso that I use is aged one year and has a very mild taste. Miso mayo is made from white miso paste. I get bottled Miso Mayo from Whole Foods but you can make your own at home. For my homemade miso mayo & more Miso recipes click Here.

Do you try to keep things simple? What's your favorite meal to "Healthify"? Right now, mine is sandwiches but I'll be working on pizza soon!

That's all for today. I'll have more recipe's later this week. I'm pretty sure chocolate will be involved!


  1. I need to make more wraps using rice paper. So good!

  2. I adore rice paper! And I just bought miso a few days ago but have yet to use it! Will it last a long time in my fridge do you think? (all the writing is in chinese!)

  3. I'm very glad to have found your blog :) I'm a foodie trying to squeeze in more veggie-only dishes into my diet. I have found your blog to be quite helpful! Plus, the rice wrap looks devine! Thank you :)