Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why we will Garden this year...

Our grocery bill is probably 50% veggies, 25% fruits, and 25% other things which include nut butters, rice, G-free flour, stuff like that. So if we can grow all our veggies, that's 50% of my grocery bill. That definably gets me motivated to make this garden work! We also have quite a few fruit trees on our property. We fertilized them this week. (Organically of course) ;-) These include a HUGE plum tree, two large pear trees, four grape vines, a lemon tree, a fig tree, pecan tree, and a forest full of black berry bushes. (We didn't fertilize the black berries. There is NO need, they grow like a weed.)
Here's a list of our veggies. We planted broccoli, tomatoes, banana peppers, beets, carrots (lots b/c I juice them all the time), okra, spinach, lettuce, brussels sprouts, artichoke, squash (green, yellow, & butter), cucumber, red and yellow onion, string beans, chives, pak choy, oregano, and sweet basil. I also planted stevia. (Leaves from the stevia plant can be used as a sweetener.)

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