Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures from my B-day

My 28th birthday was Saturday, Jan 30th. While I wasn't that excited about turning 28, I did enjoy the look on my little girls face when we blew out the candle. I picked up the "cake" last week. My Mom usually gets the cakes for everyone's b-day but I insisted that I didn't want one. We are both avoiding sugar right now so it would be sabotage to get a whole cake. So, I bought two slices of cheesecake and two slices of Italian cream from Whole Foods & froze half so we wouldn't be tempted to eat them all at once. (Where did all this will power come from?)

This was too sweet!

Best cake EVER!!! So yummy!

It might be wrong for me to post these pics. Anyone who looks at these will want to run out and buy cake!

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