Yes...I know there are only a few recipes here but bare with me.  This blog is fairly new and I plan on posting tons of yummy, healthy, Vegan dishes in the near future.  Feel welcome to come back and check them out!

Julia's "Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms"
Julia's "Portabella Burger"

Julia's "Very Veggie Soup"
Julia's "Sweet Potato, Corn Chowder"

Appetizers & Snack Foods
Julia's "Spinach & Artichoke Sliders"

Sweets & Treats
Julia's G-Free, Vegan Marshmallow Treats
"Chocolate Cake-y with Raw Fudge(ish) Icing"

Julia's Raw
Single Serving "Chocolate Tarts" & "Coconut Cacao Bar"