Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Shame on me! :o<>

I've missed a lot of posting so here's what's been going on... My garden is doing incredible! I can't pick all the veggies fast enough! I passed my final exam for Anatomy and Physiology! Now it's on to Nutrition. As for my diet and health; two thumbs DOWN! Boo on me! And I definitely feel the pain. My skin is terrible, I have no energy, and most of the pain in my abdomen is back. But the bright side is that I see exactly why I NEED to eat the way I do. Sometimes I like messing up just to remind myself why it's so worth it. So, today is the day that I'm officially going vegan. I am back on track and to add a bonus, my sis is starting with me! We had a long talk yesterday and she decided to go vegan for two weeks. (And maybe longer once she reaps all the wonderful benefits.)
Day 1 Vegan food journal:
Salad w/veggies, pita & hummus @ Whole Foods
Protein Shake w/strawberries and banana
Bean & Veggie Burrito
Banana w/AB & dark chocolate
Here's the delish dinner we had today.

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