Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whole Foods Trip & Yummy Banana Hammock!

I been doing a lot of grocery shopping lately. Normally, I make one trip a week to Whole Foods but I've been finding myself doing "In between Shopping". The crazy thing is, my fridge seems to be running out faster than normal. Maybe my appetite is growing. Who knows. Anyway...I LOVE Whole Foods! I spend hours in there looking around and trying to find new things to cook. The best thing is, they had Vegan Marshmallows! They've been out the last few weeks and I've had a craving for them.

See how quickly they were put into action?...I guess I'll call it a Chocolate PB Smores Hammock.

1 Banana, 1 Vegan Marshmallow, Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate PB...SO GOOD!

Lunch was pretty yummy too! & I almost forgot to post these precious bags! I spotted them at the Dollar Store. A great way to be festive while grocery shopping! :-) People kept asking me where I got them!

I'm working on a new cookie recipe. I'll try to have it posted by Friday. I'm thinking..."Eggnog" or "Chocolate Peanut Butter". We shall see!


  1. Oh darlin... that banana looks awesome! BUT.. you DO know what a banana hammock is right? That kinda makes it pretty funny ;) It's a great pic of it too btw!

  2. Hahahaha! Yes! I do now! I named it that because I saw a few food bloggers also call it a banana hammock. I might have to work on a new name though. And it was SO good. :-)

  3. That's so funny ;) I want to try one too - I have some bananas ripening.... soon!