Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly POMEGRANATE

"The Ugly"

Don't be put off by it's unappealing exterior, this fruit is packing way more than just a burst of flavor!

"The Good"

The Pomegranate, originally from the Middle East and Asia, has been gaining popularity over the years (and for good reason). Also known as the Granada or Chinese Apple, the Pomegranate is loaded with Antioxidants, which protect our cells from damage caused by Free Radicals (organic molecules that can promote tissue damage, aging, and disease). Many studies have shown that the high level of antioxidants found in this fruit may reduce the risk of cancer and improve heart health. The Pomegranate is also a great source of vitamin C, B5, potassium, and fiber!

"The Bad"

Alright, so there's not really anything bad other than eating around the seeds. But I kinda like that part. :-)

You don't have to pull my leg. This is a fruit that can be found in my kitchen when in season. They are so, SO yummy! I normally eat them straight up or buy the juice, but there are many ways to eat this flavorful fruit!

Tonight, I made a simple fruit smoothie. Very easy to make, with just a few ingredients.
Store bought POM Juice can be used. I decided to juice my own by pulling all the seeds out, throwing them in a mini blender, pulsing a few times, then straining through a fine strainer.

"Peachy-Pine, Pom Smoothie"

1/2 c Pomegranate juice
1 c Ice
1 tbsp Agave (or sweetener of choice)

Put juice, ice, and agave in a blender and blend until smooth. Set aside.

1 c Frozen Pineapple
1/2 c Frozen Peaches (more like a heaping 1/2 cup, or a small handful)
1 tbsp Agave (I love this stuff!)

Put pineapple, peaches, & agave into blender and blend until smooth. Pour smoothie into glass in layers or, if desired, blend all ingredients together at once, from the start. (Add more ice for a thicker smoothie.)

This is a very refreshing Natural Smoothie. I love the simple taste of the fruits.

I would LOVE to experiment with more Pomegranate Recipes. I'm thinking POM-Chocolate! Do you have a favorite way to eat/cook with Pomegranates? I would love some ideas.


  1. But pomegranates are so much WORK!!!! :)

  2. Yes, I guess that would also be "The Ugly".